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How One Phone Call Led to Career Renewal

James C. has been in the healthcare customer service space since 1996. After a brief pivot into financial customer service, James found himself out of work. He realized his strength was in healthcare, and he wanted to get back into that industry. James went back to familiar tactics to find work and reached out to temp and staffing firms to help with his search. James had used these agencies numerous times during his career, but this time he came across a different organization – Skills for Chicagoland’s Future.  

It wasn't a staffing firm, but James figured it was worth a shot. The Skills team reached out to him quickly.  He still remembers his first call with his recruiter, Peter, and how impressed he was. Peter was all set to submit James to a role, but then the pandemic struck, and the opportunity dissolved.  

Unfortunately, due to the tumultuous times of the pandemic, James remained out of work the remainder of 2020, getting by on savings.  

As 2021 started, James got another call from Peter about an opportunity with AIM Specialty Health. "I was amazed Peter remembered me, and I was thrilled about the position with AIM. It was everything I was looking for."

James was impressed with how Skills stepped in and provided the necessary supports and filled in the gaps to make the process of getting hired at AIM as smooth as possible.  

Now, James has been working for a little over six months (since April 2021), and he's completed his training. He is excited to be at AIM and the long-term career potential this opportunity has brought him.  

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