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Aisha Finds an Unexpected Passion for Leadership Working at Carelon

In 2014, Aisha W. was unemployed for 18 months and having a challenging time finding work.

She found out about Skills through a job fair held at her church and with her background in insurance, one of the Skills recruiters suggested that she would be a great fit for a role that would be opening soon. She gave them her resume and soon connected on an opportunity as a Referral Specialist with Carelon.

Aisha applied for the position, was hired, and started working as Referral Specialist in September 2014. Since then, she has been promoted multiple times, now serving as a Manager of Customer Service. We spoke with Aisha about her experience with Skills and her time working with Carelon.

How was your experience working with Skills?

The Skills staff was very helpful and informative. I went to the office in person, where I attended workshops on how to fill out the paperwork to apply for the job. They also provided interview tips to feel more comfortable.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Carelon?

At the time, my grandmother was not doing well, and I was at the hospital with her. I let her know I had to go because I just knew I was going to get the call, and I did! I remember being really excited because it came at a time when I really needed employment, so I was really happy.

How has Carelon helped you grow in your career?

Before this job, working in a call center was all new to me. Initially the goal was to just become a Referral Specialist 2 so I could work from home, but then my manager encouraged me to apply for the team lead position. I worked my way up from there and I really liked it.

I’ve learned so much about time management and building skills and relationships with people. I get to see things from a new perspective on how decisions are made in the company, and I believe learning continues throughout the course of your life.

What opportunities has this job provided for you?

Financially, it allowed me to afford a home, which is awesome. I also really appreciate the flexibility with being able to spend time with my family and work more efficiently and effectively.

I think Carelon is a great place to work. They have great benefits and positive energy, which is why I’ve been there from the beginning and within multiple roles.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

I would and I actually do recommend Skills to others! They take the time to understand your skills and what you want to do, and then take the time to match each person with a job that they will want to do for a long time.

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