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Alana Achieves Career Goals at JPMorgan Chase & Co. with the Help of Skills

Alana B works at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In 2010 when Alana B. was in college, she had a goal to work in banking. Unsure of how to start a career in the banking industry, she would often strike up a conversation with bank tellers about the work they did while she delivered the deposit for her job at an electronics store.

Alana learned about Skills through a job fair held at her school. She figured this might be her chance to pursue her passion, so she applied through Skills for a banking position and was hired in 2015. After moving outside of Chicago for a few years, she returned and was hired at the same bank through Skills in 2019. She then worked with Skills again to be placed in her role as an Associate Banker with JPMorgan Chase & Co. in March of 2020. Alana was promoted to Investment Professional in June 2022, and we were thrilled to talk with her about her career journey.

What brought you to Skills?

I heard about Skills roughly 12 years ago through my college at a job fair. I talked to a bank hiring manager and learned that this might be my chance. I went to Skills’ website, created a profile, and applied for a banking role with them.

What was your experience working with Skills?

They prepared me so well. I appreciated the interview role playing they provided of how the hiring process would go. I also like that they checked in with me during the interview process, and I always knew what to expect.

How did you feel when you were offered the position with JPMorgan Chase & Co.?

I was excited! Even though my start date was pushed back due to the pandemic, they let me train from home and sent me the equipment. It was everything I thought it would be when I started working and still is.

How has JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Skills helped you grow?

Skills has helped me be better with networking and my confidence. Chase helped me with my financial literacy. They help you gain the skills to reach your goals. I was recently promoted to Investment Professional, and what I enjoy most about it is helping clients with financial literacy and investing in their futures.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Absolutely! I’m very happy with how things turned out for me and the others I’ve recommended to Skills. I also love the rapport Skills has with other companies. When I worked with other agencies in the past, the relationship wasn’t like that. Skills is so family-oriented and nice. I love it!

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