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Ana Pivots to Pursue a Career Path with Walgreens

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Ana A. was interested in pursuing a career in healthcare but knew her role as a caregiver wasn’t for her. She wanted to work in a team environment, so she began pursuing other job opportunities.

She found out about the Skills Pivot to Success program and partnership with Walgreens for Pharmacy Technician roles through an ad she saw on Facebook. The first time she saw it, she wasn’t actively applying for jobs. The second time she saw the ad, she took it as a sign to take advantage of the opportunity and apply. Ana was accepted into the program and started working for Walgreens part-time in addition to taking Pharmacy Technician courses through the Paul Simon Job Corps Center.

We were thrilled to chat with Ana about how her career is progressing as she prepares to take her Pharmacy Technician Certification exam.*

How was your experience working with the Skills?

I really appreciate the help the Skills staff provided in career planning and support with my resume. I think it’s amazing that Skills pushed us to do better but also helps us along the way.

Yesenia really helped me get into the Paul Simon Job Corps Center because they have a lot of requirements to start, one being some medical appointments, but I didn’t have the insurance or could afford to pay it out of pocket. She worked with them to make sure I could start with my cohort, and I’m really grateful.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Walgreens?

I was nervous about working with medications and prescriptions, but I was excited to be accepted and to work downtown.

How has Skills and Walgreens helped you grow?

Skills helped me to be more professional, use words that better describe my skills, and communicate more clearly and concisely during interviews.

For Walgreens, I know I’m not a fast learner and was concerned I wouldn’t get the hang of it, but my team has been great. They talk me through how to do things, and I’ve really gotten better.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

I definitely would! Skills made it a very easy process and were really caring. For those serious about their career path, Skills make sure people get that second chance, even if they made past mistakes in their lives.


*Since we spoke with Ana, she passed her certification exam and is now a certified Pharmacy Technician!

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