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Dr. Goger Shares Her Insights on Hiring Trends During a Skills Exclusive Webinar

Dr. Goger from The Brookings Institute

On Tuesday, July 19th, Skills for Chicagoland’s Future hosted Dr. Annelies Goger, a Fellow and Economic Geographer at The Brookings Institute, for an engaging conversation about creating a quality job experience. Our employer and community partners, board members, and employees in attendance were left with valuable takeaways on how to best retain and hire talent in today’s labor market.

The Great Reshuffle

Dr. Goger first provided insights into evolving labor market dynamics, highlighting the Great Reshuffle. She noted the short-term and long-term factors (ranging from lower immigration rates to discrimination) that motivate workers to leave industries such as hospitality and healthcare for opportunities in industries like business and transportation. Dr. Goger stressed to employers that youth, minorities, and individuals historically excluded from the workforce will be vital to addressing labor shortages.

Reforming Hiring and Talent Development Practices

In response to the Great Reshuffle, Dr. Goger recommended inclusive hiring and talent development practices. These recommendations placed less emphasis on college degrees, years of experience, or background checks in hiring. Instead, they encouraged skills-based hiring, diversity, employee feedback, and lifelong learning in the workplace. Dr. Goger indicated that employers could maintain a competitive advantage in the current labor market if they adopt these practices.

Quality Jobs

Dr. Goger acknowledged there is a lot of talk surrounding job quality. She outlined three pillars — security, mobility and respect — that employers must promote to appeal to prospective workers. Finally, Dr. Goger emphasized that employers can fulfill these pillars by fostering a culture of feedback in their organizations. She affirmed that the best way to know what employees are looking for in a job is to ask employees themselves.

To learn more about how to create a quality job experience, rewatch Dr. Goger’s webinar by clicking here.

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