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Eddy Pursues Leadership Goals with Skills and Jewel-Osco

Eddy in his Jewel-Osco uniform

When the pandemic hit, Eddy N. started looking for full-time opportunities where he could develop his leadership skills. He had experience managing people during his time as a Sergeant with the National Guard in college, but he was ready for something new.

One of his friends recommended Jewel-Osco as a steady option during the pandemic, and Eddy liked the idea of working at the store he enjoyed shopping at growing up. He applied through Skills and was hired as a Store Manager Trainee in January of 2021. Since then, Eddy has been promoted to a Grocery Manager, and we talked with him about his career developments since starting his new role.

What brought you to Skills?

When I was looking for full-time work during the pandemic, I heard about Skills but wasn’t really sure how it worked. After I talked to my friend who works at Jewel-Osco and saw that Skills posted the Store Manager position, I had to apply. Everyone knows Jewel-Osco around here as our local place to get groceries, so it seemed like the place for me to be.

How was your experience working with Skills?

It was awesome! I initially applied for a Department Manager position, but after talking to Phil [on the Talent Acquisition team], he said I might be a better fit for a store manager role, so I applied for that. Phil did a great job coaching me and I felt really prepared for my interview.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Jewel-Osco?

It was a really good moment. I remember I was just waking up and checked my email to find out that I got the position. It was a full-time role with good pay, and I was ecstatic!

How have Skills and Jewel-Osco helped you grow?

I’m liking my new role as a Grocery Manager a lot. I was definitely a little nervous because my leadership role in the military is much different than for a grocery store. Being in charge here means handling customer complaints, etc., but I’m much more comfortable now. I’m typically the closing manager three to four days a week, but I’m hoping to manage a store on my own within the next year or so.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Definitely, especially for the manager roles! Phil was very straightforward with me when I was applying, explaining that I would be training to be in charge, and I appreciate how Skills prepared me with the training to succeed.

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