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Empowering Futures: A Collaboration Between Skills for Chicagoland’s Future and Richards Career Academy

Empowering Students for Success

Skills for Chicagoland’s Future (Skills) had the privilege of collaborating with Richards Career Academy to empower students and prepare them for success in the job market. As an organization committed to enhancing job seekers’ readiness, Skills saw an opportunity to support Richards Career Academy’s senior students as they prepare to transition into the workforce.

Bridging the Gap: Interview Preparation

The staff at Richards Career Academy recognized the importance of interview readiness for their graduating seniors. To bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world employment,Richards 1 the school planned an Interview Day. During this event, students gained practical experience by participating in mock interviews, simulating the actual job-seeking process.

The Skills Connection

Jacori, a Talent Acquisition Lead at Skills, reached out to Richards Career Academy’s dean. His vision for the event aligned perfectly with Skills’ mission to equip job seekers with the skills needed to confidently navigate interviews and secure employment. Our team aimed to empower the students for the next phase in their career journey.

A Two-Day Journey

The Skills and Richards Career Academy collaboration unfolded over two days. On day one, Skills Richards 2worked closely with seniors, providing personalized guidance. We conducted mock interviews, fine-tuned resumes, and demystified the interview process—similar to our work with job seekers across Chicagoland.

Day two was the pivotal moment. Students faced actual practice interviews, supported by Skills and volunteer employers. Armed with newfound confidence, they were on track to be ‘job ready’ upon graduation.

Transforming Lives: Impact Stories

The Skills impact resonated deeply with both our team and the Richards Career Academy community. Julianne, our Community Partnerships Associate, found joy in teaching students essential job search terminology. “Transferable skills, like teamwork and leadership, gained from extracurricular activities, can enhance their resumes,” she shared.

But it didn’t stop there. We equipped students with additional resources. One student lackedImage (3) professional attire for Interview Day, so Jacori connected them with our Career Closet which offers free professional clothing and is in our Englewood office. The student left with a two-piece suit, ready to face their interview with confidence.

Another student initially doubted their resume’s substance. Jacori worked closely with them, highlighting valuable experiences from school clubs and programs. The result? A revamped resume that showcased their talents and included specific references.

A Lasting Impression

Richards Career Academy's faculty witnessed the impact of the partnership with Skills firsthand. They were amazed by Skills’ contribution and expressed interest in future collaborations. Their appreciation and enthusiasm reinforced our commitment to effecting positive change in the community. Jacori now looks to expand this initiative to other schools, amplifying Skills’ impact and fostering brighter futures for students across Chicagoland. Together, with partners like Richards Career Academy, we are dedicated to shaping a resilient and empowered workforce for tomorrow.

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