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Erika Overcame Multiple Obstacles Thanks to Her Determination and Help from Skills

Erika had years of job experience and gained a wealth of knowledge while working as a customer service representative over the years. She also had experience working as a pharmacy technician, which allowed her to develop pharmaceutical expertise throughout her career. However, a medical issue with her throat caused her to no longer be able to work in customer service as it was difficult to speak. After having throat surgery, finding customer service roles she could perform became especially difficult as her voice recovered. Unable to find work, despite her many qualifications, Erika then began to experience homelessness. 

One day Erika decided to go to a Skills hiring event to “see what would happen”. At the event she was interviewed, and after more rounds of interviews, she was hired by GoHealth as a Retention Agent! 

Since this experience, Erika has built on her already successful career through her role at GoHealth. Through Erika’s skills, determination, and the connection Skills provided, she’s happy to report that she’s been employed with GoHealth for three years now. We were thrilled to speak to Erika to learn more about her experience working with Skills. 

How was your experience working with Skills staff? 

I went to a Skills event and was brought back for an interview. After an additional filmed video interview, which was sent to the employer, I got the job! 

The process was simple, and it was nice. I thank Skills for the resources they provided me. 

Bring me back to the moment when you were hired. How did it feel? 

It was great because I had been homeless for two years, sleeping on buses. I had surgery on my throat and at the time I couldn’t find work in customer service because I couldn’t speak well. My voice was really hoarse. 

How are you liking your new job so far? 

I’ve been with GoHealth for three years. I love it, especially because I’m remote.  

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers? 

Sure! The process I went through - it was wonderful! At the event, I did not sit in the office long before they pulled me back for an interview. Skills sat in the room with us and offered help like schooling. I’m sure if Skills found me a job there are others who they could help as well. All I can say is thank you! 


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