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Gabriel Pursues His Passion for Research at Morningstar with the Help of Skills

Skills for Chicagoland's Future's Candidate

After graduating in May 2022 from the University of Illinois at Chicago and taking a short break, Gabriel A. was ready to start looking for a full-time job in the fall. He studied sociology and psychology and was interested in a research-focused role focusing on education policy and global networks, but he was having a difficult time finding a good fit because he found that many of roles required a master’s degree.

He found out about Skills through a LinkedIn job posting for Morningstar’s Development Program. He was attracted to the fact that Morningstar is a global research firm that offers opportunities to those even without a finance background and applied for the program. We chatted with Gabriel about his experiences working with Skills and Morningstar since starting the program this past March.

How was your experience working with Skills?

It was a very straightforward process. I worked with Adam [from the Talent Acquisition team], and he was very excited that I was applying for the program. He frequently followed up with me and guided me throughout the interview process.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Morningstar?

I was elated! I remember getting the call at 5 p.m. on a Friday, which I wasn’t expecting so soon, and they offered me the position. I broke down in tears because I was so happy. With the job market being so difficult, I was in a flurry of distress trying to find work. Coming from a family of immigrants, I’m seeing the sacrifices they made paid off. That moment was very special to me.

What opportunities has this job provided for you?

With this program being rotational, I get the opportunity to explore different areas of the company and gain that finance foundational knowledge.

It also provides great job security and financial stability. I was grateful to get in contact with the employer so quickly compared to other jobs I’ve applied for in the past and waited months for a reply. I am excited to get this job right out of college and am happy to be here!

What are your career goals and how is Morningstar supporting them?

I plan to attend graduate school and get my PhD at some point, and I appreciate Morningstar’s willingness to invest in us and our future endeavors. They’re great at supporting their employees when it comes to stipends for classes as well as resources to grow and learning experiences.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Yes, it was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone! From poking around Skills’ website, I thought it was very easy to navigate and understand the jobs and their expectations. I also love that it’s a source for local jobs in Chicago. Plus, the speed of communication with the staff. Less than a week after filling out my application, I heard back from Adam. It was very admirable and makes Skills stand out compared to other organizations.

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