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Hilda Finds the Opportunity to Support Herself and Her Family with NorthShore University HealthSystem

In 2016, Hilda Larios felt stuck. She was working for a home health company where she drove doctors to patients’ homes, didn’t have medical insurance, and never had a definitive “end” time for work. She received her medical assistant certification but was having a hard time finding work. On top of that, she was a single mother trying to make ends meet with two sons.

It wasn’t until she applied to be a Medical Assistant/Patient Support Assistant for NorthShore University HealthSystem (through Skills) that she started to have a more positive outlook on her job search. After getting the job, Hilda has learned so much about healthcare and herself. She shared with us her success story and her takeaways from working with Skills and NorthShore in her 6-year tenure.

What brought you to Skills?

Not only was the home health company job driving doctors around all day wearing me out, I also wasn’t making enough money. I wanted something where I could have an “out” time for my workday and medical insurance so I could support my two boys who are both now in college.

I actually didn’t know what Skills was until I met Mayra (Skills recruiter at the time). I applied for a role for NorthShore through Indeed, and Mayra reached out to me for a group interview. Afterwards, I spoke with her one-on-one on some concerns I had about being hired, and she said she would help by contacting their HR department. She got back to me letting me know that everything was fine, and I thanked her when I got the job. She helped me so much.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with NorthShore?

That day changed my whole life! When HR called me, I was so happy. I started making a lot more money. It was a blessing!

How has NorthShore and Skills helped you grow?

I love working at NorthShore. The hospital I work at is 12 minutes away from my house – so close and convenient. I know what time I’m getting off work, I’m making more money, and most importantly, I have insurance. I’ve grown so much and learned so many things I didn’t think I could learn before. When I first started, I was working in the specialty suite and now I’m in the general surgery department where I set up trays and work directly with doctors.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Of course! I would recommend Skills because of my experience. I went to Skills not really knowing about the organization. I remember sitting in the lobby to meet with Mayra and thinking “Maybe I am too old.”  Skills helped me to pursue my career path.

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