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Skills’ Candidate Spotlight – Irey Kirby

Meet Irey Kirby, a resident of Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, recently hired as a store associate with Jewel-Osco. Irey was out of work for several months after parting ways with his role as a delivery driver. Irey was looking for work, but unable to land a job, then COVID –19 made this process even harder. “My unemployment benefits were about to run out,” he remembers, and he was starting to get nervous about where to turn. Irey initially used traditional online job boards and career websites in hopes of finding something that would work for him. Unfortunately, most of his searches would lead to dead ends. Then, in late March, he came across Skills for Chicagoland’s Future. His luck had reached a positive turning point. He recalled it only took two weeks from the time he discovered Skills that he had been offered a permanent position with Jewel Osco. Skills’ team prepared Irey and helped him through the interview process with Jewel Osco. Irey noted how he is happy to have a permanent position with a company that cares about his health and safety given the current times.

For more information on roles like the one Irey was able to secure visit the Jewel employer page by clicking here.

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