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5 Ways to Stay Organized While Applying to Multiple Jobs

job seeker in front of calendar

So you’ve decided to go job shopping. Seriously this time. Applying to new jobs should be fun. A few clicks here and there for just a couple jobs is fairly easy to manage. However, how do you manage dozens of applications at once? Before you begin your job search, here are five of my favorite tips that will keep you organized, keep you sane, and will take you far.


  1. Grab a blank notebook and dedicate it to your job search: Keep it safe and within arm’s reach for when you get a phone call to schedule an interview or to jot down a person’s name, the position, and the date you applied.
  2. Save customized versions of your resume and cover letter: Customize your resume to different types of roles and create a few standard cover letters as well. Use these as the framework for any type of position you plan to apply for, and incorporate keywords from the job description into your documents.
  3. Never delete your emails: This includes both conversations and appointment confirmations. You can always do a simple search of your inbox to find confirmation details and applications you’ve forgotten about.
  4. Pre-write a standard thank you note: Then all you have to do is customize the word choices and include a specific example from your interview to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Keep a positive attitude: Your next opportunity is on its way, so stay optimistic. Take breaks after submitting a few applications, and do a short, fun activity to clear your mind: Scroll down your favorite social media feed or have a tasty snack. Applying to multiple jobs can be exhausting, but keeping a positive attitude goes a long way. It even shows in the interview!


These small tasks will help you maintain peace of mind and keep you organized and prepared throughout the job application and interview process. Now go nail that next job!

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