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Lachumba Is Building on His Career Successes Thanks to Skills and SSP America

Lachumba had a wealth of experience working in retail and the food industry. Over the years, he focused on providing quality cleaning and sanitation services, allowing the businesses he worked for to be able to provide a clean environment for their clientele and staff. Lachumba prides himself on being a hard worker and above all else, enjoys life and the work he does. 

After working for a number of major businesses throughout Chicagoland, Lachumba wanted a new challenge in life. He was put in contact with Skills and was intrigued by what we could offer.  

After working with Skills, Lachumba was hired by SSP America as a Utility Worker, and loves the work he does. We spoke to Lachumba about his thoughts on the process at Skills and what it was like getting hired by SSP America. 

What experiences did you have in your career before getting hired at SSP America? 

I was working in the food and retail industries. I wanted a new challenge in my life so that’s why I pursued SSP America. I’ve had a lot of food industry experience and wanted to build on that. 

Tell me about the events leading up to making contact with Skills and getting hired. What inspired you to give Skills a try? 

I’m a product of Chicago Lighthouse. I learned through that organization about Skills. I’ve been with Chicago Lighthouse for 15 or 20 years. I was intrigued by what Skills could offer. I’ve enjoyed working with Skills. They’re very reliable. 

How was working with the Skills team? How were they able to support you? 

It was wonderful working with the Skills team! Everybody was very helpful and understanding.  

How did it feel when you got hired? 

It felt wonderful! Skills worked with me to guide me through the process. It was a wonderful transition from where I was at to where I am now. I give SSP America all the praise in the world just like I do Skills. 

What are your career goals and how do you feel SSP America is/will support them? What skills do you get to use on the job? 

My goal is to be with SSP America for a very long time and move up in the company. They’re supportive just by giving me the range to allow me to do that. They’re giving me the support to continue to be here and continue to grow with the company.  

The skills that I use now carry over. I do a lot of cleaning and sanitizing. I work on keeping things intact and organized, not just for the customers but also the employees. I had training in a lot of those skills and am happy to create a clean work environment for the customers and employees. 

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers? Why or why not? 

Definitely! I would recommend Skills because they do a wonderful job helping us people with disabilities or just people having issues seeking employment. 

I just want to say that Skills for Chicagoland’s Future is a very good place to try to find employment. They’re going to make sure that you get employed. Also, SSP has been so understanding and wonderful. They do a good job of being there and creating a comfortable work environment. 


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