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Lashay ‘Can’t Wait to Get Back to Work’ at Bank of America

Lashay M. couldn’t believe how one week could truly change her life. In June 2022, she found out she was being laid off from her position as a Fraud Analyst at her then financial technology role. And then, just a few days later, found out that she was pregnant.

She started collecting unemployment benefits and looking for similar job opportunities but couldn’t find anything of interest. She realized it was time to switch up her job search strategy and immediately thought of Skills, who helped her get a job in 2013. She had applied for roles with Bank of America in the past but saw this as an opportunity to connect with them directly, so she reached out to Skills to learn more about their hiring opportunities.

Lashay applied for the Relationship Banker position with Bank of America, was offered the role, and started in January 2023. We spoke more in-depth with Lashay about her career journey and time working with the Skills staff.

How was your experience working with Skills?

I really enjoyed working with Malaysia [on the Talent Acquisition team] and her consistency really stood out. She originally encouraged me to apply for a different role with Bank of America, and she stayed connected and followed up with me for the Relationship Banker role. I was concerned about Bank of America not hiring me because I was pregnant, but she helped me build confidence in my skills and how to work through that conversation.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Bank of America?

During the time I received the call with the offer, I was working for a [package delivery company] and hated it. When Bank of America called me, it was the happiest moment because I knew a transition was coming.

I was supposed to start in December, but I was in a car accident and had to do physical therapy. Bank of America said to take care of myself and my baby and that they would work with me. I am grateful for the accommodations they provided.

How are you liking your new job so far?

I can’t wait to get back to work! I was so nervous about how my manager would handle me being pregnant, but everyone was so warm and kind. I had a bad experience when I started at a previous bank, but it was the complete opposite response at Bank of America and such a relief.

What opportunities has this job provided for you?

I didn’t have any income when I was experiencing unemployment and almost ran out of money trying to pay my bills, so this job really helped financially.

During my training, we had a whole conversation about development. A lot of people have been with the company for seven or more years and started as a Relationship Banker like me, and then they worked their way up. I’m looking forward to growing in my role and interested in the operational side of the business and working with the team on preparing for audits.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

If I ran into anyone looking for a job, I’d definitely recommend Skills! If it wasn’t for Skills, I wouldn’t be at Bank of America. When I worked with Malaysia, I appreciated her compassion and how she really cared. I shared how I wanted to grow, and she listened; it was like a friend who wanted to help and did!

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