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Patrice Gets Her Career Back on Track with Bank of America

When Patrice J. moved to Chicago in 2021, she took on a job as an independent contractor in cleaning and maintenance. Because she wasn’t passionate about the work along with the fact that she was unable able to spend quality time with her children, she knew the job wasn’t a long-term solution for her.

Patrice previously worked as a bank teller and enjoyed customer interaction and helping others, so she decided to pursue banking as her next career move. Through her job search, she saw a Skills posting and explored job opportunities on our website. She applied and was hired for the Relationship Banker role with Bank of America. We spoke with Patrice about her experience working with Skills and Bank of America since starting her new role in December 2022.

How was your experience working with the Skills?

Malaysia [on the Talent Acquisition team] was very helpful. I shared my interests with her, and she showed me two roles with Bank of America that she thought would be a good fit (one being a Relationship Banker). She also shared some interview prep videos that I thought were very helpful.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Bank of America?

I was so happy and also excited to celebrate with my family and friends. My past job was so strenuous and hard on my body, and I like the idea of going to a job at one place where I get to know the people and start a career.

How has Bank of America helped you grow?

I like that Bank of America is well organized and does fun things to involve everyone on the team even though I’m new.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Yes, I would recommend Skills. It felt like a very organic experience. It was not forced in any way, and I don’t feel like [the recruiters] were just throwing jobs at me.

Also, I appreciate that Malaysia reached out to me after my interview to see how things were going. They really care and check to see if you’re doing okay during the hiring process!

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