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Rama Grows Professionally and Personally With the Help of Skills and Ulta Beauty

Rama working at Ulta Beauty

When Rama received her degree in business administration while living in the Middle East, her plan was to come to Chicago and get a job. She started looking for opportunities before her move in August 2021 but needed guidance on how to turn her combined degree knowledge as well as her passion for beauty and sales into a career.

During her job search, Rama found an online job post through Skills for a seasonal Beauty Advisor position with Ulta Beauty. Since she wasn’t familiar with Skills’ work, she did some research and was interested in the support as well as hiring services offered by Skills. Rama applied for the role, was hired in October 2021, and has since been promoted three times. We talked with Rama to learn more about her experiences working with Skills and Ulta Beauty since she was promoted to a Retail Sales Manager in March 2023.

How was your experience working with Skills?

It was a great experience! I had college internships in beauty, but this was my first part-time and now full-time job, and Skills made it a very easy process. I didn’t realize I wanted to work in beauty customer service and sales until I learned about it through Skills.

Since Skills provided me direct contact with the hiring manager, I didn’t have to worry about sending out a bunch of applications and resumes, I was able to interview and be hired on the spot. Also, since I had just moved and didn’t know the area, Skills was really helpful in directing me to the closest Ulta Beauty location. It was so easy!

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Ulta Beauty?

I was surprised that the offer happened so fast! It was a nervous excitement since I walked into my interview not knowing that I would be hired on the spot, but it was a happy moment.

What opportunities has this job provided for you?

I reached my goal of being a full-time sales manager, which was a huge jump for me in terms of job security, benefits, and comfort. But it’s more than just career growth for me. I’ve gotten to know myself better and have completely changed in terms of my communication and leadership style. Being new to the country, I felt that everyone was so understanding and took me in. It’s a very nice environment knowing that I can talk to my colleagues if I need anything.

My career goals are to grow within this role and the industry. Long-term I am interested in a corporate role, but for now, this is exactly what I’m looking for and I’m looking forward to my next step.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

I definitely would! After seeing Skills’ website, I like how you can view job opportunities within different industries and then work with someone to find a job based on your skills. It’s so much more helpful than trying to navigate various companies' websites. You can get matched faster, have someone to talk to, get connected with opportunities, and it’s especially helpful if you don’t know exactly what you want.

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