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Skills for Chicagoland’s Future Helped April Get Hired in a Role Where She Can Pursue her Passions

April W. had been looking for work for many years with no avail. The job search was frustrating, and she wanted to pursue a job that was something she could be passionate about and would lead to a career.

She had seen an online posting from Skills about a Pharmacy Technician position with University of Chicago Medicine, but never really thought she had a chance at getting hired.

After working with Skills, she has now gotten the job with University of Chicago Medicine and loves the work she does.

What brought you to Skills?

I applied online for some positions that Skills had posted. They had sent me something about the pharmacy tech position. I was looking for jobs and ran across Skills and thought it was worth a shot to apply.

How was your experience working with Skills staff?

I was impressed with how they handled everything as far as going over the interviews, preparing us, and helping us along the way. That was really nice.

Bring me back to the moment when you were hired. How did it feel?

I was excited because I never thought that I would actually get picked. I was out of work for a while- 3 and a half years.

How are you liking your new job so far? How has UChicago Medicine and Skills helped you grow?

I like it. Being at the hospital, it’s busy but it makes my days go quicker. I’m enjoying it. My career goal is to pursue being a pharmacy technician, whether at the hospital or somewhere else, so this job is helping me reach that goal.

What opportunities has this job provided for you?

They’ve helped me grow a lot. Every step of the way, Skills was there. Yesenia mentored us along the way, up until we got hired.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Yes, I would because they will stay with you during the whole process. Getting a job with Skills was quick. I was surprised how fast everything moved. I heard from them in December and by January I was in the program.

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