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Vincent is Thrilled to Belong to a Company That Fully Supports Him

Over the years, Vincent gained a wealth of knowledge professionally by going to college and gaining real-world work experience. He went to Lewis University and graduated in 2018, obtaining a degree in marketing, which enabled him to build up a diverse skillset. After college, he obtained an internship which even led to a full-time position.  

In 2020, Vincent’s job was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the same time, he was in a car accident, which made securing a position where he could work remotely an even higher priority.  

One day he was searching for jobs online when he came across the Skills website. Vincent knew he had a strong skillset to bring to the table and was ready to take on a new challenge. So, he decided to apply for a remote role which was available through Skills with one of the organization’s employer partners. 

Skills  Talent Acquisition team guided him through the hiring process and eventually he was hired with his new employer. 

“It was definitely a big weight lifted off my shoulders because looking for jobs was hard.” Vincent told us. “Now there’s plenty of remote jobs, but I feel like it was harder to find those back then. The pandemic was happening and this job was remote, so it all kind of worked out!” 

Right away as Vincent started in his new position, he saw how the work he put in early in his career was lending to his ability to succeed in this new role. He's been excited that his problem solving, time-management, research, and organization skills have all been incredibly helpful in his new role. Additionally, his ability to be a team player and his aptitude for working with others allowed him to excel as he worked with his teammates. 

Overall, Vincent was very pleased at what came from working with Skills. He told us he would even recommend Skills to other job seekers. 

“I think Skills was able to broaden my career whereas if I went somewhere else, I might not have had that opportunity.” he told us.  “Skills gave me the opportunity to shine.” 

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