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Whitney Is Reaching Her Career Goals Thanks to Skills and Carelon

Whitney had spent many years building up her customer service skillset by working in multiple customer-facing roles. While building her career, she discovered that she had a passion for impacting people’s lives daily through customer service interactions and was looking for a role where she could build on these experiences.

She saw through an email from us that Carelon Medical Benefits Management (Carelon) was hiring and was immediately interested. She was pleased to find out that working with our team made the hiring process less stressful and was grateful for all their help as she worked through interviews.

Whitney was hired as a Referral Specialist 1 with Carelon. Since being hired, she has been promoted multiple times and now serves as the Operations Expert. We touched base with Whitney on her experience working with Skills and at Carelon, as well as her career growth since joining the Carelon team.

How was your experience working with Skills?

I remember the recruiter I worked with, Peter, was nice. He looked over my resume and helped with the interview practice. I found it very helpful that they introduced me to the STAR method for answering interview questions. It helped me with my first interview and subsequent ones for other positions with Carelon.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Carelon?

I don’t remember where I was, but I remember that I cried. Being a person experiencing unemployment was such a devastating time in my life. It was a rough time for our family, but we made it through. This job was everything that I needed at the time.

What opportunities has this job provided for you?

I have loved my job from the day I started and am always happy that I have this job. I’ve learned so much about myself and how to build my personal and professional character.

The Referral Specialist role taught me how to be understanding because when you talk to customers on the phone, you never really know what they’re going through. Of course, the role has provided me with financial gain, but most importantly, it taught me empathy for the world.

What are your career goals and how do you feel Carelon is supporting them?

My goal is to work my way up higher on the management team, and I believe Carelon is providing me every opportunity to do that, whether that’s through education or opportunities for growth. I really appreciate that they’re always working with you to achieve your goals even if they need to create new ways to reach them.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

I absolutely would recommend Skills to others, and I even tell those I know just getting out of their career to visit Skills’ website. Skills help people stand out like they did with me. I attribute my success to that email, and I believe they’re changing someone’s life every day. I want to express a huge thank you to everyone at Skills!

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