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With the Help of Skills and Bank of America, Sherrie Follows Her Business Goals

When Sherrie C. moved from Colorado to Chicago to be closer to her family in February 2021, she supported herself financially as a driver for a ride sharing service. She started looking for full-time opportunities in July 2022, and had an incredibly hard time finding work. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a focus in marketing and sales, she applied for over 100 positions and felt disheartened not to receive an offer.

Sherrie learned about Skills through Indeed and from visiting our website and was impressed with Skills’ mission that focuses on diverse and inclusive hiring. She was interested in the roles with Bank of America because of her four years of banking experience and decided to apply.

Through Skills, Sherrie was hired as an Advanced Client Solutions Specialist at Bank of America this past January, and we were excited to talk with her about her experiences with Skills and Bank of America.

How was your experience working with Skills?

The process went really quick. I had a preliminary interview with Skills before the main one with Bank of America, and I felt supported the whole way through my first day of work. The Skills team checked in with me afterwards to see how the interview went; I feel like they really cared about my experience.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Bank of America?

I was actively picking up a ride share customer when I got the call, and the passenger celebrated with me! I felt relieved that I had employment because I was running out of money and needed medical insurance.

What opportunities has this job provided for you?

This job is really helping me financially because of the full-time income. I’m also gaining financial literacy that I’m learning from Bank of America that I did not have growing up.

What are your career goals and how is Bank of America supporting them?

After going through a brutal job search process, I’ve decided to take an entrepreneurial path. I want to acquire an investment property and invest in a franchise and now have the knowledge and resources to do that thanks to this job.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

I would recommend Skills to all people looking for a job! They’re the bridge between you and the employer, but they also help you walk across the bridge. Within one month of reaching out to Skills, I was hired!

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