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Yasmin Develops her Finance Career with Morningstar

Yasmin Cortes is a recent graduate from Lehigh University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. After graduating in May 2020, Yasmin decided to take some time off to be with her family and started working retail jobs. Before she knew it, the time came for her to decide if she would further her education or join the workforce.

She received a notice from Chicago Scholars, a program she participated in during high school, about a new position Skills was recruiting for. After learning more about the Morningstar Development Program, she was a little intimidated by the financial aspect of the company but ultimately intrigued by the challenge it presented.

She worked with a Skills recruiter, who coached her and gave her confidence throughout the hiring process, and she was hired in February2021 as Skills’ first fulltime placement with the company. Yasmin expressed her appreciation of the role, and the ability to confidently work without feeling like she was putting her health at risk.

"I got my degree in Management. I didn't think I'd go into Finance, but I was interested in the challenge the program presented. It's a little overwhelming being virtual. It can be hard to catch on to the training, but everyone has been very welcoming. The process with Skills made me feel very comfortable. Some parts were more informal, and some more formal, but I was helped and coached the whole time. My sister is starting to look for jobs, and I recommended Skills to her, too.

"I'm so happy I was hired! Given the times [during the pandemic], I was extremely blessed to have a job that wasn't putting my life at risk. It made me really appreciative of everything I've been through."

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