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Yonatan Gains More Than Customer Service Experience at Jewel-Osco

When Yonatan T. came to the United States in August 2022, he had an incredibly difficult time finding work within his field of data science. Even though he had over ten years of experience, he found that it did not translate in the United States and immediately started looking at other options for work.

He found Skills through a Google search and after learning more via our website, decided to reach out for employment opportunities. In October 2022, Yonatan started working part-time at Jewel-Osco as a Store Associate.  We recently spoke to Yonatan about his experience working with Skills and Jewel-Osco, and how he's grown since moving to the United States.

How was your experience working with Skills?

Skills did a great job following up with my hiring process. They provided me tips for my interview, and Jewel-Osco gave me feedback afterwards that I was very organized and well dressed. Skills’ advice helped me a lot!

How did it feel when you were offered the position with Jewel-Osco?

Throughout my job search process, there was a lot of rejection because of my lack of work experience in the United States, and it was frustrating. I didn’t have a lot of customer service or cashier experience, so I was afraid of being rejected. When they called me, I was very happy because I could then pay for meals and gloves. It was a really nice moment.

How have Skills and Jewel-Osco helped you grow?

Jewel-Osco has helped me be more interactive and meet people. This job isn’t only about the money for me now. I’m helping people and putting a smile on their faces, and that makes my day brighter. Jewel-Osco gives me the chance to interact with the community, which is really important.

Skills helped me with my communication skills and English. Throughout my time working with them, they’ve helped me with my confidence and boosted my self-esteem.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Yes, I would recommend Skills to other applicants! They help others with developmental skills and applicants who need help in the first stage of the job search.

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