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Anthony Looks to “Move Up and Move Forward” with BMO

Anthony works at his desk at BMO

Anthony D. was looking to forge a new career path for himself. He was working as an English teacher abroad for over four years and returned to the States at the peak of COVID-19. He dabbled in roles within marketing and healthcare but was looking for a full-time role that he was passionate about.

Anthony learned about Skills when he was invited to a south side hiring event. While he was not selected for a position at BMO the first time around, he later applied for their BMORE Program and was selected. We talked to Anthony about his career journey since being chosen for the program and his experience now working as an Associate Banker.

What brought you to Skills?

After the pandemic, I was searching online and within the community for a full-time, ‘9-5’ job where I could move up. I was applying to jobs that were directing me to dead ends.

I was looking for an in-person opportunity, so I’m glad I found out about the Skills hiring event. I was interested in the banking industry for security and job stability because even during COVID-19, people still needed financial resources to lean on.

How was your experience working with Skills?

My experience overall was great. I met Eddie [on the Talent Acquisition Team], and he was very friendly and offered for me to contact him if I was interested in any of the positions Skills was hiring for. I want to credit Skills for following up again when it didn’t work out for my initial BMO interview through them and referring me to Cara Chicago. I really appreciate the follow through.

How did it feel when you were offered the position with BMO?

It felt pretty good. I was called back within 24 hours of my interview for the offer, and it was a really great feeling knowing that the work I put in worked out.

How has Skills and BMO helped you grow?

I’m enjoying the position so far. Skills told me it would take about a year to adjust, and I’m learning something new every day. My favorite part is working with people. When customers come in, and you know it’s usually not for a great reason, I like listening to their issues and problem solving. Knowing I helped put a smile on their face and to see it directly is so nice.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

I definitely would! Skills has a lot of great connections and great people. Everyone is so welcoming, especially when I walked into the hiring event.

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