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Mary Follows Her Career Dreams with Skills and Northwestern Medicine

Mary C. at Northwestern Medicine

After being unemployed for a year, Mary C. started to feel her life-long dream of being an anesthesiologist slip away. She was previously working as a dietary aide while attending classes to earn her associate degree in science but left her job when she transferred schools last year.

Mary learned about Skills through a segment that aired on ABC7 Chicago News. With an interest in continuing her studies to receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing, she applied for the Dietary Service Aide role at Northwestern Medicine through Skills and was offered the position. We talked with Mary about her experiences working with Skills and Northwestern Medicine.

What brought you to Skills?

I had been unemployed for an entire year looking for work. I was applying everywhere, putting in 4-5 applications a week, following up, but nothing was working out. I was watching ABC7 Chicago News and saw a story about a Skills hiring event. I feel like I had tried everything, so I visited their website and picked three jobs that stood out to me and one of them was with Northwestern Medicine.

What was your experience working with Skills?

It was really great! It was the communication that really stood out to me. They always called back and checked in on how the interview process was going. I wouldn’t have a job without Skills, and I really appreciate them for that.

How did you feel when you were offered the position with Northwestern Medicine?

I felt a mix of emotions! I was shocked about getting a job after trying for so long. I was also really ecstatic about getting my foot in the door with one of the best hospitals in the nation. I was elated!

How has Northwestern Medicine and Skills helped you grow?

I just finished up my orientation training, and it’s been really inspiring. I wanted to find something that I really enjoyed doing. I’ve really disliked a lot of my jobs in the past, but I adore this job! It’s a totally new feeling.

Would you recommend Skills to other job seekers?

Absolutely! I’d say to anyone looking for work, take a chance and go through Skills. There are so many options, and it’s not the same help you’d get from a company’s website when you apply for a job. The people at Skills work really hard. They connect you if you’re a good fit and give you options.

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